TitleSubjectDelivered ByCentral Passage
Don't turn from God when you need Him the mostLuke 8:49-56R.G. MurrayLuke 8:49-56
Jesus is no respecter of personsLuke 8:40-48R.G. MurrayLuke 8:40-48
Jesus has power over the demonsLuke 8:26-39R.G. MurrayLuke 8:26-39
The storm before the calmLuke 8:22-25R.G. MurrayLuke 8:22-25
Are We Listening To God?Luke 8:16-21R.G. MurrayLuke 8:16-21
What Kind Of Soil Are We?Luke 8:1-15R.G. MurrayLuke 8:1-15
A Time For Self-EvaluationLuke 7:36-50R.G. MurrayLuke 7:36-50
John's Clear Message With ConvictionLuke 7:23-35R.G. MurrayLuke 7:23-35
Jesus View of John the BaptistLuke 7:18-24R.G. MurrayLuke 7:18-24
God's Hand of ProvidanceLuke 7:11-17R.G. MurrayLuke 7:11-17
Great FaithLuke 7:1-10R.G. MurrayLuke 7:1-10
Build On The Right FoundationLuke 6:43-49R.G. MurrayLuke 6:43-49
God Hates Hypocrites TooLuke 6:41-42R.G. MurrayLuke 6:41-42
Like Teacher Like PupilLuke 6:39-40R.G. MurrayLuke 6:39-40
Showing God's Mercy To The LostLuke 6:37-38R.G. MurrayLuke 6:37-38
How To Love Like GodLuke 6:31-36R.G. MurrayLuke 6:31-36
Trust God In PersecutionLuke 6:19-30R.G. MurrayLuke 6:19-30
Love Your EnemiesLuke 6:27R.G. MurrayLuke 6:27
The Beatitudes In LukeLuke 6:17-26R.G. MurrayLuke 6:17-26
The Call of the TwelveLuke 6:12-16R.G. MurrayLuke 6:12-16
LegalismLuke 6:1-11R.G. MurrayLuke 6:1-11
The Call of the Despised Tax CollectorLuke 5:27-39R.G. MurrayLuke 5:27-39
Jesus Power Over Sickness And SinLuke 5:12-26R.G. MurrayLuke 5:12-26
The Call of Peter, Andrew, James, & JohnLuke 5:1-11R.G. MurrayLuke 5:1-11
The Authority of Jesus' TeachingLuke 4:31-41R.G. MurrayLuke 4:14-30
The Hometown Rejection of JesusLuke 4:14-30R.G. MurrayLuke 4:14-30
The Temptation of JesusLuke 4:1-13R.G. MurrayLuke 4:1-13
Jesus Is BaptizedLuke 3:31-38R.G. MurrayLuke 3:31-38
John Publicly Rebukes HerodLuke 3:15-20R.G. MurrayLuke 3:15-20
John's Message - RepentLuke 3:7-14R.G. MurrayLuke 3:7-14
The Gospel As Preached by John The BaptistLuke 3:1-6R.G. MurrayLuke 3:1-6
Jesus Early Life Part BLuke 2:21-40R.G. MurrayLuke 2:21-40
Jesus Early Life Part ALuke 2:21-40R.G. MurrayLuke 2:21-40
The Birth of JesusLuke 2:1-20R.G. MurrayLuke 2:1-20
God Fulfills His Word Through JohnLuke 1:67-79R.G. MurrayLuke 1:67-79
The Birth of John the BaptizerLuke 1:56-66R.G. MurrayLuke 1:56-66
Mary and Elizabeth Rejoice TogetherLuke 1:39-56R.G. MurrayLuke 1:39-56
The Announcement of Jesus BrithLuke 1:26-38R.G. MurrayLuke 1:26-38
John the Baptist's GreatnessLuke 1:13-17R.G. MurrayLuke 1:13-17
Extraordinary Results From Ordinary PeopleLuke 1:8-25R.G. MurrayLuke 1:8-25
God's Faithfulness to His PeopleLuke 1:1-7R.G. MurrayLuke 1:1-7
Resist The Devil1 Peter 5:8-14R.G. Murray1 Peter 5:8-14
Clothed In Humility1 Peter 5:5-7R.G. Murray1 Peter 5:5-7
Shepherd The Flock1 Peter 5:1-4R.G. Murray1 Peter 5:1-4
Wisdom In Suffering1 Peter 4:15-19R.G. Murray1 Peter 4:15-19
How To Suffer In Injustice Like Jesus1 Peter 4:12-14R.G. Murray1 Peter 4:12-14
Serving Each Other In Love1 Peter 4:8-11R.G. Murray1 Peter 4:8-11
What To Do When The End Is Near1 Peter 4:7R.G. Murray1 Peter 4:7
Prepared For Trials1 Peter 4:1-6R.G. Murray1 Peter 4:1-6
Jesus Is Our Example In Suffering1 Peter 3:18-22R.G. Murray1 Peter 3:18-22
Fighting the Unfairness of Sin1 Peter 3:13-17R.G. Murray1 Peter 3:13-17
The Summary of Submission1 Peter 3:8-12R.G. Murray1 Peter 3:8-12
The Husband's Relationship With His Wife1 Peter 3:7R.G. Murray1 Peter 3:7
Wive's Relationship To Their Husbands Part B1 Peter 3:2-6R.G. Murray1 Peter 3:2-6
Wive's Relationship To Their Husbands Part A1 Peter 3:1R.G. Murray1 Peter 3:1
We Are All Slaves To Christ1 Peter 2:21-25R.G. Murray1 Peter 2:21-25
The Believer's Response To Authority 1 Peter 2:16-20R.G. Murray1 Peter 2:16-20
Resisting The Lure Of The world1 Peter 2:11-15R.G. Murray1 Peter 2:11-15
Gratitude For Our Salvation1 Peter 2:4-10R.G. Murray1 Peter 2:4-10
Growing Into Our Salvation1 Peter 2:1-3R.G. Murray1 Peter 2:1-3
The Impact Of The Truth1 Peter 1:22-25R.G. Murray1 Peter 1:22-25
The Pending Impartial Judgment1 Peter 1:17-21R.G. Murray1 Peter 1:17-21
The Mystery Of Salvation1 Peter 1:12-16R.G. Murray1 Peter 1:12-16
The Long Awaited Salvation1 Peter 1:10-11R.G. Murray1 Peter 1:10-11
Rejoicing In Our Trials1 Peter 1:5-9R.G. Murray1 Peter 1:5-9
A Living Hope1 Peter 1:3-4R.G. Murray1 Peter 1:3-4
Preparing For Trials1 Peter 1:1-2R.G. Murray1 Peter 1:1-2
The Benedictions of HebrewsHebrews 12:18-25R.G. MurrayHebrews 12:18-25
Godly LeadershipHebrew 13:17R.G. MurrayHebrew 13:17
Relationships Part BHebrews 13:7-16R.G. MurrayHebrews 13:7-16
Relationships Part AHebrews 13:2-6R.G. MurrayHebrews 13:2-6
Let Brotherly Love ContinueHebrews 13:1R.G. MurrayHebrews 13:1
Grateful We Are Under The New CovenantHebrews 12:18-29R.G. MurrayHebrews 12:18-29
Pursuing Peace With AllHebrews 12:12-17R.G. MurrayHebrews 12:12-17
Consider Jesus When Our Life Is Hard Part BHebrews 12:3-13R.G. MurrayHebrews 12:3-13
Consider Jesus When Our Life Is Hard Part AHebrews 12:3-8R.G. MurrayHebrews 12:3-8
Jesus Is The Originator of FaithHebrews 12:2R.G. MurrayHebrews 12:2
Joining the CloudWe will join the throng around the throneR.G. MurrayHebrews 11:31-12:1
The List Of The FaithfulHebrews 11:32-38R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:32-38
Jericho The Test of FaithHebrews 11:30-31R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:30-31
Moses, Man of Great FaithHebrews 11:23-29R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:23-29
Forward Looking FaithHebrews 11:17-22R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:17-22
Foundations of FaithHebrews 11:13-16R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:13-16
Abraham and Sarah A Faithful CoupleHebrews 11:8-11R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:8-11
Noah a Man of Great FaithHebrews 11:7R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:7
Enoch a Man of Great FaithHebrews 11:5-6R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:5-6
Faithful Abel - the First Martyr Hebrews 11:4R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:4
Faith Applied to Real LifeHebrews 11:1-3R.G. MurrayHebrews 11:1-3
A Life Of Faith DefinedHebrews 10:36-11:1R.G. MurrayHebrew1 10:36-11:1
Hold Fast!Hebrews 10:25-35R.G. MurrayHebrews 10:25-35
Drawing Close To GodHebrews 10:19-25R.G. MurrayHebrews 10:19-25
Works Don't Work for SalvationHebrews 10:1-18R.G. MurrayHebrews 10:1-18
The Superiority of Jesus' MediationHebrews 9:15-28R.G. MurrayHebrews 9:15-28
Thankful We're Not Under The Old CovenantHebrews 9:1-14R.G. MurrayHebrews 9:1-14
Jesus is the Greatest High PriestHebrews 7:23-8:13R.G. MurrayHebrews 7:23-8:13
Jess has a Greater Priesthood than the Levitical PriesthoodHebrews 7:11-22R.G. MurrayHebrews 7:11-22
Jesus the Great Melchizedek PriestHebrews 7:1-10R.G. MurrayHebrews 7:1-10
Things That Accompany SalvationHebrews 6:9-20R.G. MurrayHebrews 6:9-20
The Fruit of UnbeliefHebrews 5:11-6:8R.G. MurrayHebrews 5:11-6:8
Jesus the Perfect High Priest Part BHebrews 5:1-10R.G. MurrayHebrews 5:1-10
Jesus the Perfect High Priest Part AHebrews 4:14-16R.G. MurrayHebrews 4:14-16
A New Relationship With God - RestHebrews 4:1-13R.G. MurrayHebrews 4:1-13
How to Avoid a Hard HeartHebrews 3:7-13R.G. MurrayHebrews 3:7-13
Jesus Is Greater Than MosesHebrews 3:1-6R.G. MurrayHebrews 3:1-6
Jesus is the Author of Our SalvationHebrews 2:9-18R.G. MurrayHebrews 2:9-18
Jesus Is Superior to the Angels BHebrews 2:1-9R.G. MurrayHebrews 2:1-9
Jesus is Superior to the Angels AHebrews 1:4-14R.G. MurrayHebrews 1:4-14
Jesus is the Full Revelation of GodHebrews 1:1-3R.G. MurrayHebrews 1:1-3
Principle of Church Unity (And how to deal with those who won't keep them)Titus 3:9-15R.G. MurrayTitus 3:9-15
Good Doctrine Results in Good LivingTitus 3:8R.G. MurrayTitus 3:8
The Work of the Gospel in Our LivesTitus 3:5-7R.G. MurrayTitus 3:5-7
Godly Living In A Pagan Society IITitus 3:1-4R.G. MurrayTitus 3:1-4
Motivated By GraceTitus 2:11-14R.G. MurrayTitus 2:11-14
Godly Living In A Pagan Society ITitus 2:15-3:1R.G. MurrayTitus 2:15-3:1
Submission is for EveryoneTitus 2:6-10R.G. MurrayTitus 2:6-10
Living Sound Doctrine IITitus 2:3-6R.G. MurrayTitus 2:3-6
Living Sound Doctrine ITitus 2:1-3R.G. MurrayTitus 2:1-3
The Biblical Office Of Elder IIITitus 1:9-16R.G. MurrayTitus 1:9-16
The Biblical Office Of Elder IITitus 1:6-8R.G. MurrayTitus 1:6-8
The Biblical Office Of Elder ITitus 1:5-6R.G. MurrayTitus 1:5-6
Paul's Ministry Motivations IITitus 1:3-4R.G. MurrayTitus 1:3-4
Pauls Ministry MotivationsTitus 1:1-2RG MurrayTitus 1:1-2
The Power Of A Living Hope1 Peter 1:3RG Murray1 Peter 1:3
Joseph's Final Message Of Hope Genesis 50:21-26RG MurrayGenesis 50:21-26
Am I In The Place Of God Genesis 50RG MurrayGenesis 50
Jacob Blesses His SonsGenesis 49:1-33RG MurrayGenesis 49:1-33
Jacob Blesses Joseph's SonsGenesis 48:1-22RG MurrayGenesis 48:1-22
Jacob Blesses Pharaoh & Worship's God Genesis 47:1-41RG MurrayGenesis 47:1-41
Jacobs Family ReunionGenesis 46:1-34RG MurrayGensis 46:1-34
Pain Of ForgivenessGenesis 44:1-34RG MurrayGenesis 44:1-34
Judah Displays True RepentanceGenesis 43RG MurrayGenesis 43
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out Genesis 42:1-38RG MurrayGenesis 42:1-38
Joseph; God's Ambassador To Egypt Genesis 41RG MurrayGenesis 41
Joseph Learns Patience Genesis 40RG MurrayGenesis 40
God Prospers Joseph In The Midst Of TrialsGenesis 39:1-23RG MurrayGenesis 39:1-23
Judah Could Learn From Joseph Genesis 38:1-30RG MurrayGenesis 38:1-30
Lessons In Family Life Genesis 37:1-36RG MurrayGenesis 37:1-36
The Great Commission For 2017Matthew 28:19-20RG MurrayMatthew 28:19-20
Jacob Finally Reunites With GodGenesis 34-36RG MurrayGenesis 34-36
Jacob Strives To Become Israel Genesis 33:1-20RG MurrayGenesis 33:1-20
Jacob Learns To Fear The LORDGenesis 32:1-32RG MurrayGenesis 32:1-32
Jacob Heads Home Genesis 31:13-55RG MurrayGenesis 31:13-55
Jacob Completes His Time With LabanGenesis 30:3-31:13RG MurrayGenesis 30:3-31:13
Jacobs Family FiascoGenesis 29:31-35 & Genesis 30RG MurrayGenesis 29:31-35 & Genesis 30
Jacob Encounters God For The First Time Genesis 28:1-22RG MurrayGenesis 28:1-22
Jacob Reaps What He SowsGenesis 29:1-30RG MurrayGenesis 29:1-30
A Most Dysfunctional Patriarchal Family Genesis 27:1-46RG MurrayGenesis 27:1-46
Isaac Carries On The Tradition Of His Father Genesis 25:27-26RG MurrayGenesis 25:27-26
Jacob & Esau Round 1Genesis 25:1-34R.G. MurrayGenesis 25:1-34
The Faithful Servant Gets The GirlGenesis 24:1-67RG MurrayGenesis 24:1-67
The Death Of SarahGenesis 23:1-20RG MurrayGenesis 23:1-20
Abraham Obeys God CompletelyGenesis 22:1-24RG MurrayGenesis 22:1-24
God Fulfills His WordGenesis 21:1-34RG MurrayGenesis 21:1-34
Abraham's Old Man ResurfacesGenesis 20:1-18R.G. MurrayGenesis 20:1-18
God's View of Government Part 2Genesis 19:1-38R.G. MurrayGenesis 19:1-38
God's View of Government Part 1Genesis 19:1-38R.G. MurrayGenesis 19:1-38
Abraham The Friend Of GodGenesis 18:1-33R.G. MurrayGenesis 18:1-33
The Sign of the CovenantGenesis 17:1-17R.G. MurrayGenesis 17:1-17
Trying To Do God's Will Our WayGenesis 16:1-16R.G. MurrayGenesis 16:1-16
The Gospel of AbramGenesis 15:1-21R.G. MurrayGenesis 15:1-21
Abram Meets MelchizedekGenesis 14:1-24R.G. MurrayGenesis 14:1-24
The Man of Much Faith Verses the Man of LittleGenesis 13:1-18R.G. MurrayGenesis 13:1-18
Abram's Lack of FaithGenesis 12:6-20R.G. MurrayGenesis 12:6-20
God's Blessing On AbramGenesis 11:27-12:5R.G. MurrayGenesis 11:27-12:5
The Tower Of Babel Genesis 11:1-26R.G. MurrayGenesis 11:1-26
Noah's Three SonsGenesis 9:18-10:25R.G. MurrayGenesis 9:18-10:25
God's Covenant with NoahGenesis 9:1-17R.G. MurrayGenesis 9:1-17
God's Promise to NoahGenesis 8:1-22R.G. MurrayGenesis 8:1-22
The Purpose of Noah's FloodGenesis 7:1-22R.G. MurrayGenesis 7:1-22
God Provides Salvation to NoahGenesis 6:13-22R.G. MurrayGenesis 6:13-22
God's Sorrow Over Man's Total DepravityGenesis 6:5-12R.G. MurrayGenesis 6:5-12
Demonic Alliances - The Son's of God Corrupt the EarthGenesis 6:1-4R.G. MurrayGenesis 6:1-4
To Call Upon The Name Of The LORDGenesis 4:25-5:32R.G. MurrayGenesis 4:25-5:32
Cain's Line and it's ResultsGenesis 4:16-24R.G. MurrayGenesis 4:16-24
Cain And AbelGenesis 3:20-4:15R.G. MurrayGenesis 3:20-4:15
Sin's Effect On Our Relationship with God and Each OtherGenesis 3:7-19R.G. MurrayGenesis 3:7-19
The Inexcusable Fall Of ManGenesis 3:1-6R.G. MurrayGenesis 3:1-6
God's Great Provision For ManGenesis 2:8-24R.G. MurrayGenesis 2:8-24
The Making Of ManGenesis 2:1-7R.G. MurrayGenesis 2:1-7
The Days of CreationGenesis 1:2-31R.G. MurrayGenesis 1:2-31
In the BeginningGenesis 1:1R.G. MurrayGenesis 1:1
Greetings, Warnings, WorshipRomans 16R.G. MurrayRomans 16
Strategies of a Master EvangelistRomans 15:17-31R.G. MurrayRomans 15:17-31
Examining the Church's PurposesRomans 15:14-16R.G. MurrayRomans 15:14-16
Principles of UnityRomans 15:5-13R.G. MurrayRomans 15:5-13
Lovingly Dealing With Issue of Controversy Part 3Romans 15:1-4R.G. MurrayRomans 15:1-4
Lovingly Dealing With Issue of Controversy Part 2Romans 14:9-23R.G. MurrayRomans 14:9-23
Lovingly Dealing With Issue of Controversy Part 1Romans 14:1-8R.G. MurrayRomans 14:1-8
Never Fulfilling Our Debt of LoveRomans 12:8-14R.G. MurrayRomans 12:8-14
Submission To God's PrioritiesRomans 13:1-7R.G. MurrayRomans 13:1-7
Unity Through HumilityRomans 12:13-16R.G. MurrayRomans 12:13-16
Three Motivations for Godly LivingRomans 12:12R.G. MurrayRomans 12:12
Fervently Serving the LordRomans 12:11R.G. MurrayRomans 12:11
Devoted to Brotherly LoveRomans 12:10R.G. MurrayRomans 12:10
Victory Over HypocrisyRomans 12:9R.G. MurrayRomans 12:9
Building Mature Love In The ChurchRomans 12:3-9R.G. MurrayRomans 12:3-9
God's Gifts To The Church Part 2Romans 12:3-8R.G. MurrayRomans 12:3-8
God's Gifts To The Church Part 1Romans 12:3-8R.G. MurrayRomans 12:3-8
Sacrifice to Promote Body LifeRomans 12:2R.G. MurrayRomans 12:2
God's Motivation Through MercyRomans 12:1R.G. MurrayRomans 12:1
God's Use of Man's DisobedienceRomans 11:25-36R.G. MurrayRomans 11:25-36
God Is Not Done With IsraelRomans 11:11-24R.G. MurrayRomans 11:11-24
God Is Faithful To His WordRomans 11:1-11R.G. MurrayRomans 11:1-11
The Beauty of God's Ambassadors Romans 10:12-21R.G. MurrayRomans 10:12-21
The Gospel From the Old TestamentRomans 10:5-13R.G. MurrayRomans 10:5-13
Paul's Evangelistic SpiritRomans 10:1-4R.G. MurrayRomans 10:1-4
God Gracious Choice of IsraelRomans 9:1-33R.G. MurrayRomans 9:1-33
True WorshipRomans 8:31-39R.G. MurrayRomans 8:31-39
All For Our GoodRomans 8:28-30R.G. MurrayRomans 8:28-30
Working Out the Gospel in LifeRomans 5:25-27R.G. MurrayRomans 5:25-27
Suffering As Sons of GodRomans 8:17-25R.G. MurrayRomans 8:17-25
Led As The Son's of GodRomans 8:9-16R.G. MurrayRomans 8:9-16
Freedom from sin at lastRomans 8:1-9R.G. MurrayRomans 8:1-9
Struggling To Escape The LawRomans 7:13-23R.G. MurrayRomans 7:13-23
Is the Law Sin?Romans 7:7-13R.G. MurrayRomans 7:7-13
Dead to the Law now Married to GodRomans 7:1-6R.G. MurrayRomans 7:1-6
Freedom from sin now servant of GodRomans 6:15-23R.G. MurrayRomans 6:15-23
Dead To Sin, Alive To GodRomans 6:6-14R.G. MurrayRomans 6:6-14
The Security of God's Unending LoveRomans 5:6-11R.G. MurrayRomans 5:6-11
The Hope Of The Glory Of GodRomans 4:23-5:5R.G. MurrayRomans 4:23-5:5
Abraham - The Father of Our FaithRomans 4:1-22R.G. MurrayRomans 4:1-22
God's Righteous ForgivenessRomans 3:19-31R.G. MurrayRomans 3:19-31
Guilty Under The LawRomans 3:9-14 (Partial recording)R.G. MurrayRomans 3:9-14 (Partial recording)
It Is All Of GraceRomans 3:1-8R.G. MurrayRomans 3:1-8
Even the Moral are Still SinnersRomans 2:1-16R.G. MurrayRomans 2:1-16
God Gave Them UpRomans 1:18-32R.G. MurrayRomans 1:18-32
Christmas Message 2014Christmas 2014R.G. MurrayChristmas 2014
The Power of the GospelRomans 1:14-17R.G. MurrayRomans 1:14-17
Introduction to RomansRomans 1:1-7R.G. MurrayRomans 1:1-7
The Gospel in EphesiansEphesians OverviewR.G. MurrayEphesians Overview
Pray for Church LeadersEphesians 6:19-20R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:19-20
The Praying SoliderEphesians 6:18R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:18
The Sword of the SpiritEphesians 6:17bR.G. MurrayEphesians 6:17b
The Helmet of SalvationEphesians 6:17aR.G. MurrayEphesians 6:17a
The Shield of FaithEphesians 6:16R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:16
Secure Gospel FootingEphesians 6:15R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:15
The Breastplate of Righteousness Part 2Ephesians 6:14R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:14
Putting On the Breastplate of RighteousnessEphesians 6:14R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:14
Buckling on the Belt of TruthEphesians 6:14R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:14
Spiritual Warfare Part 2Ephesians 6:10-13R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:10-13
Spiritual Warfare Part 1Ephesians 6:10-13R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:10-13
Slave Of GodEphesians 6:5-9R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:5-9
Raising Godly ChildrenEphesians 6:1-4R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:1-4
Raising Godly Children Part 2Ephesians 6:1-4R.G. MurrayEphesians 6:1-4
The Church Mirrors MarriageEphesians 5:25-33R.G. MurrayEphesians 5:25-33
Ladies ChoiceEphesians 5:21-24R.G. MurrayEphesians 5:21-24
Filled By The SpiritEphesians 5:18-20R.G. MurrayEphesians 5:18-20
Finding God's Will Ephesians 5:16-18R.G. MurrayEphesians 5:16-18
Walk as the WiseEphesians 5:14-15R.G. MurrayEphesians 5:14-15
Walking In The LightEphesians 5:7-13R.G. MurrayEphesians 5:7-13
Imitating GodEphesians 5:1-6R.G. MurrayEphesians 5:1-6
Putting Anger in it's Place Part 2Ephesians 4:27-32R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:27-32
Putting Anger in it's Place Part 1Ephesians 4:26R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:26
Put Off the Old and Put on the NewEphesians 4:17-25R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:17-25
Fitting and Knitting The Body TogetherEphesians 4:15b-16R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:15b-16
Speaking The Truth With LoveEphesians 4:15R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:15
Acquiring Spiritual Maturity Ephesians 4:13-14R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:13-14
Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gift Part 4Ephesians 4:11-13R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:11-13
Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gift Part 3Ephesians 4:11-13R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:11-13
Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gift Part 2Ephesians 4:11R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:11
Unwrapping Your Spiritual GiftEphesians 4:11R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:11
The Conquering Christ Gives GiftsEphesians 4:7-11R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:7-11
Walking a Worthy Walk Part 3Ephesians 4:3-6R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:3-6
Walking a Worthy Walk Part 2Ephesians 4:2R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:2
Walking a Worthy Walk Part 1Ephesians 4:1R.G. MurrayEphesians 4:1
Knowing The Fullness of GodEphesians 3:17-21R.G. MurrayEphesians 3:17-21
Our Riches In Christ Part 2Ephesians 3:14-16R.G. MurrayEphesians 3:14-16
Our Riches In ChristEphesians 3:9-13R.G. MurrayEphesians 3:9-13
Paul's HumilityEphesians 3:8R.G. MurrayEphesians 3:8
Paul's Stewardship Of UnityEphesians 3:2-7R.G. MurrayEphesians 3:2-7
Paul's Sacrifice for UnityEphesians 3:1R.G. MurrayEphesians 3:1
The Foundation Of UnityEphesians 2:16-22R.G. MurrayEphesians 2:16-22
The New Man Through JesusEphesians 2:13-16R.G. MurrayEphesians 2:13-16
The Gospel For EveryoneEphesians 2:11-13R.G. MurrayEphesians 2:11-13
The Reality Of Our Relationship In ChristEphesians 2:1-10R.G. MurrayEphesians 2:1-10
Our Position and Practice In Christ Part 2Ephesians 1:15-23R.G. MurrayEphesians 1:15-23
Our Position and Practice In Christ Part 1Ephesians 1:15-23R.G. MurrayEphesians 1:15-23
The Seal of the SpiritEphesians 1:12-14R.G. MurrayEphesians 1:12-14
God's Mysterious WillEphesians 1:9-12R.G. MurrayEphesians 1:9-12
God's Grace Lavished On UsEphesians 1:6-8R.G. MurrayEphesians 1:6-8
God's Great PlanEphesians 1:5-6R.G. MurrayEphesians 1:5-6
Blessed of GodEphesians 1:3-4R.G. MurrayEphesians 1:3-4
Introduction to EphesiansEphesians 1:1-2R.G. MurrayEphesians 1:1-2
Being A Faithful DiscipleMatthew 28:18-20 Part 4R.G. MurrayMatthew 28:18-20 Part 4
Becoming a Disciple Of JesusMatthew 28:18-20 Part 3R.G. MurrayMatthew 28:18-20 Part 3
Jesus Purpose For The ChurchMatthew 28:18-20 Part 2R.G. MurrayMatthew 28:18-20 Part 2
Jesus' Authority to Empower the ChurchMatthew 28:18-20 Part 1R.G. MurrayMatthew 28:18-20 Part 1
Living a Resurrection LifeMatthew 28:1-10R.G. MurrayMatthew 28:1-10
The Historical ResurrectionMatthew 27:50-28:15R.G. MurrayMatthew 27:50-28:15
The Crucifixion of Jesus Part 2Matthew 27:27-50R.G. MurrayMatthew 27:27-50
The Crucifixion of JesusMatthew 27:27-50R.G. MurrayMatthew 27:27-50
Majesty Under Trial Part 2Matthew 27:1-26R.G. MurrayMatthew 27:1-26
Majesty Under TrialMatthew 26:57, 59-61R.G. MurrayMatthew 26:57, 59-61
Jesus Prepares For the CrucifixionMatthew 26:36-50R.G. MurrayMatthew 26:36-50
Jesus Prepares His Disciples for ServiceMatthew 26:31-35R.G. MurrayMatthew 26:31-35
The Final Passover Part 2Matthew 26:17-30R.G. MurrayMatthew 26:17-30
The Final PassoverMatthew 26:17-30R.G. MurrayMatthew 26:17-30
The Surprised Sheep and GoatsMatthew 25:34-46R.G. MurrayMatthew 25:34-46
Judas Goes for the SilverMatthew 26:1-16R.G. MurrayMatthew 26:1-16
The Kings Glorious ReturnMatthew 25:31-33R.G. MurrayMatthew 25:31-33
Maximize Your TalentsMatthew 25:14-30R.G. MurrayMatthew 25:14-30
The Condemnation of the foolish bridesmaids Matthew 25:1-13R.G. MurrayMatthew 25:1-13
The King IS Coming Part 3Matthew 24R.G. MurrayMatthew 24
The King IS Coming Part 2Matthew 24R.G. MurrayMatthew 24
The King IS Coming Part 1Matthew 24R.G. MurrayMatthew 24
Jesus Laments the Fall of IsraelMatthew 23:34-39R.G. MurrayMatthew 23:34-39
Jesus Condemns False Teachers Part 2Matthew 23:13-33R.G. MurrayMatthew 23:13-33
The Resurrection of LazarusJohn 11:1-52R.G. MurrayJohn 11:1-52
Jesus Condemns False Teachers Part 1Matthew 23:13-33R.G. MurrayMatthew 23:13-33
Jesus Identifies the False TeachersMatthew 23:1-12R.G. MurrayMatthew 23:1-12
The Messiah - Son of man & Son of GodMatthew 22:41-46R.G. MurrayMatthew 22:41-46
Increasing Our Love For GodMatthew 22:34-40R.G. MurrayMatthew 22:34-40
The Sadducees SilencedMatthew 22:23-33R.G. MurrayMatthew 22:23-33
Render to Everyone Their DueMatthew 22:15-22R.G. MurrayMatthew 22:15-22
Jesus Gives God's View of Israel's Rejection Part 2Matthew 22:1-14R.G. MurrayMatthew 22:1-14
Jesus Gives God's View of Israel's Rejection Part 1Matthew 21:33-46R.G. MurrayMatthew 21:33-46
Jesus Explains AuthorityMatthew 21:23-32R.G. MurrayMatthew 21:23-32
The King Expects True FruitMatthew 21:18-22R.G. MurrayMatthew 21:18-22
The Restoration Of True WorshipMatthew 21:12-17R.G. MurrayMatthew 21:12-17
The Entry of the KingMatthew 21:1-11R.G. MurrayMatthew 21:1-11
The Blind See and the Seeing are BlindMatthew 20:29-34R.G. MurrayMatthew 20:29-34
The Ramification of the IncarnationChristmas 2012R.G. MurrayRomans 8:17-23
The Kings Lessons in LeadershipMatthew 20:20-28R.G. MurrayMatthew 20:20-28
The Coming Death of the KingMatthew 20:17-19R.G. MurrayMatthew 20:17-19
The Grace of the KingdomMatthew 19:30-20:16R.G. MurrayMatthew 19:30-20:16
The Price of DiscipleshipMatthew 19:16-30R.G. MurrayMatthew 19:16-30
Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenMatthew 19:13-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 19:13-15
Jesus' View on Marriage Part 2Matthew 19:1-12R.G. MurrayMatthew 19:1-12
Jesus' View on Marriage Part 1Matthew 19:1-12R.G. MurrayMatthew 19:1-12
How to Forgive Part 2Matthew 18:23-31R.G. MurrayMatthew 18:23-31
How to Forgive Part 1Matthew 18:21-22R.G. MurrayMatthew 18:21-22
How to Restore a Wayward Brother (Part 3)Matthew 18:15-20R.G. MurrayMatthew 18:15-20
How to Restore a Wayward Brother (Part 2)Matthew 18:15-20R.G. MurrayMatthew 18:15-20
How to Restore a Wayward Brother (Part 1)Matthew 18:15-20R.G. MurrayMatthew 18:15-20
The Shepherd Rejoices Over the Restored SheepMatthew 18:10-14R.G. MurrayMatthew 18:10-14
The King Protects His ChildrenMatthew 18:5-10R.G. MurrayMatthew 18:5-10
How to be Great in the King's KingdomMatthew 18:1-4R.G. MurrayMatthew 18:1-4
The King Pays His TaxesMatthew 17:22-27R.G. MurrayMatthew 17:22-27
The Price of Little FaithMatthew 17:14-20R.G. MurrayMatthew 17:14-20
The King Revealed in His GloryMatthew 16:28-17:13R.G. MurrayMatthew 16:28-17:13
The Key to the Successful Christian LifeMatthew 16:24-28R.G. MurrayMatthew 16:24-28
Exodus Session 1Exodus 1:1-2:10R.G. MurrayExodus 1:1-2:10
The King Reveals His Death And ResurrectionMatthew 16:21-23R.G. MurrayMatthew 16:21-23
The King Finally RevealedMatthew 16:13-20R.G. MurrayMatthew 16:13-20
Spiritual Blindness, It Could Happen To AnyoneMatthew 16:1-12R.G. MurrayMatthew 16:1-12
The King's Compassion on EveryoneMatthew 15:29-39R.G. MurrayMatthew 15:29-39
The King Responds to Opposition Matthew 14:34-15:9R.G. MurrayMatthew 14:34-15:9
The King Tests His Disciples AgainMatthew 14:22-33R.G. MurrayMatthew 14:22-33
The King Tests His DisciplesMatthew 14:12-21R.G. MurrayMatthew 14:12-21
The Principled Prophet Meets The Pathetic PoliticianMatthew 14:1-12R.G. MurrayMatthew 14:1-12
The Power of a Poor AttitudeMatthew 13:53-58R.G. MurrayMatthew 13:53-58
The Extent of the KingdomMatthew 13:48-52R.G. MurrayMatthew 13:48-52
The Value of the KingdomMatthew 13:44-46R.G. MurrayMatthew 13:44-46
The VIctory of the KingdomMatthew 13:31-34R.G. MurrayMatthew 13:31-34
The Parable of the Wheat and TaresMatthew 13:24-30 & 36-43R.G. MurrayMatthew 13:24-30 & 36-43
The Power of the Resurrection1 Corinthians 15R.G. Murray1 Corinthians 15
The Resurrection in BaptismRomans 6:1-6R.G. MurrayRomans 6:1-6
Intro to the Parables, The Parable of the SoilMatthew 13:1-23R.G. MurrayMatthew 13:1-23
The King's Relationships, Stronger Than Demons or FamilyMatthew 12:43-50R.G. MurrayMatthew 12:43-50
The King's Standard of Justice & RighteousnessMatthew 12:33-42R.G. MurrayMatthew 12:33-42
The Unpardonable SinMatthew 12:22-33R.G. MurrayMatthew 12:22-33
The Humble Leadership of the MessiahMatthew 12:15-21R.G. MurrayMatthew 12:15-21
The King's Compassionate LeadershipMatthew 12:1-14R.G. MurrayMatthew 12:1-14
Carrying the King's BurdenMatthew 11:25-30R.G. MurrayMatthew 11:25-30
The Reaction to the KingMatthew 11:16-24R.G. MurrayMatthew 11:16-24
The King's Standard of GreatnessMatthew 11:7-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 11:7-15
Confirmation of the KingMatthew 11:1-6R.G. MurrayMatthew 11:1-6
Genesis Session 6Genesis 3:22-4:26R.G. MurrayGenesis 3:22-4:26
Lessons In Discipleship Part 3Matthew 10:32-42R.G. MurrayMatthew 10:32-42
God's Prescription for greatness - Humility Isaiah 53:1-2R.G. MurrayIsaiah 53:1-2
Genesis Session 5Genesis 3:14-21R.G. MurrayGenesis 3:14-21
Lessons In Discipleship Part 2Matthew 10:24-42R.G. MurrayMatthew 10:24-42
Lessons In Discipleship Part 1Matthew 10:16-23R.G. MurrayMatthew 10:16-23
Genesis Lesson 3Genesis 3:1-5R.G. MurrayGenesis 3:1-5
The Model of Missions TrainingMatthew 10:5-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 10:5-15
All The Kings Men Part 3Matthew 10:1-4R.G. MurrayMatthew 10:1-4
Genesis Lesson 2Genesis 1:14-2:9R.G. MurrayGenesis 1:14-2:9
All The Kings Men Part 2Matthew 10:1-4R.G. MurrayMatthew 10:1-4
Genesis Lesson 1Genesis 1:1-1:13R.G. MurrayGenesis 1:1-1:13
All The Kings Men Part 1Matthew 10:1-4R.G. MurrayMatthew 10:1-4
THe Kings Heart: To Love SinnersMatthew 9:35-38R.G. MurrayMatthew 9:35-38
The King's Power To RestoreMatthew 9:27-34R.G. MurrayMatthew 9:27-34
The King's Power To Never Be UncleanMatthew 9:18-26R.G. MurrayMatthew 9:18-26
The Kings Compassion for Sinners 2Matthew 9:14-17R.G. MurrayMatthew 9:14-17
The Kings Compassion for SinnersMatthew 9:9-13R.G. MurrayMatthew 9:9-13
The King's Power To ForgiveMatthew 9:1-8R.G. MurrayMatthew 9:1-8
The King's Power Over DemonsMatthew 8:28-34R.G. MurrayMatthew 8:28-34
The Sovereign Power Of The KingMatthew 8:23-27R.G. MurrayMatthew 8:23-27
The Drive of a True DiscipleMatthew 8:16-23R.G. MurrayMatthew 8:16-23
The All Knowing KingMatthew 8:5-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 8:5-15
The King of the Common ManMatthew 8:1-4R.G. MurrayMatthew 8:1-4
The Adequacy Of God's Word2 Timothy 3:16-17R.G. Murray2 Timothy 3:16-17
Building A House That StandsMatthew 7:24-27R.G. MurrayMatthew 7:24-27
Spotting False ProphetsMatthew 7:15-20R.G. MurrayMatthew 7:15-20
Preparing For The Battle of Ministry2 Timothy 3:1-17R.G. Murray2 Timothy 3:1-17
The Royal SummonsMatthew 7:13-14R.G. MurrayMatthew 7:13-14
Becoming a Vessel of Honor2 Timothy 2:20-26R.G. Murray2 Timothy 2:20-26
Victory Over SelfishnessMatthew 7:6-12R.G. MurrayMatthew 7:6-12
Being an Approved Workman2 Timothy 2:14-19R.G. Murray2 Timothy 2:14-19
Victory Over CriticismMatthew 7:1-5R.G. MurrayMatthew 7:1-5
Victory Over WorryMatthew 6:25-34R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:25-34
Motivation For Ministry2 Timothy 2:8-13R.G. Murray2 Timothy 2:8-13
Having the Right Vault, Vision, and ValuesMatthew 6:19-24R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:19-24
Passing the Torch of Ministry2 Timothy 2:1-7R.G. Murray2 Timothy 2:1-7
Controlling Our Appetites Matthew 6:16-18R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:16-18
How to Forgive and be Forgiven Part 2Matthew 6:14-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:14-15
True Encouragement in the Faith2 Timothy 1:12-18R.G. Murray2 Timothy 1:12-18
How to Forgive and be ForgivenMatthew 6:14-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:14-15
Serve God with Boldness2 Tim 1:6-12R.G. Murray2 Tim 1:6-12
Jesus' Prayer Guide Part 2Matthew 6:5-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:5-15
How to Stir Up Your Spiritual Gift2 Tim 1:6-8R.G. Murray2 Tim 1:6-8
Jesus' Prayer Guide Part 1Matthew 6:5-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:5-15
How to Pray Without HypocrisyMatthew 6:5-15R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:5-15
Paul's Charge to Timothy2 Timothy 1:1-6R.G. Murray2 Timothy 1:1-6
How To Give Like You Mean ItMatthew 6:2-4R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:2-4
Victory Over HypocrisyMatthew 6:1-2R.G. MurrayMatthew 6:1-2
Guard the Truth1 Timothy 6:20-21R.G. Murray1 Timothy 6:20-21
Victory over our Enemies by Loving ThemMatthew 5:43-48R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:43-48
Victory Over VengeanceMatthew 5:38-42R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:38-42
Victory Over LyingMatthew 5:33-37R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:33-37
Paul's Commands to the Rich1 Timothy 6:17-19R.G. Murray1 Timothy 6:17-19
Victory Over DivorceMatthew 5:31-32R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:31-32
Victory Over LustMatthew 5:27-30R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:27-30
Victory Over AngerMatthew 5:21-26R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:21-26
Paul's Charge to Timothy1 Timothy 6:13-16R.G. Murray1 Timothy 6:13-16
The Heart of the MatterMatthew 5:20-21R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:20-21
Jesus and the Law 2Matthew 5:17-19R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:17-19
4 Marks of the Man of God1 Timothy 6:11-14R.G. Murray1 Timothy 6:11-14
Being Salt & LightMatthew 5:13-16R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:13-16
Happiness Through PersecutionMatthew 5:10-12R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:10-12
Don't Love Money1 Timothy 6:6-10R.G. Murray1 Timothy 6:6-10
Jesus' Example of HumilityPhilippians 2:5-8R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:5-8
Marks Of False Teachers1 Timothy 6:3-5R.G. Murray1 Timothy 6:3-5
Means of Obtaining UnityPhilippians 2:3-4R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:3-4
Happiness Through Making PeaceMatthew 5:9R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:9
Examine Yourself2 Corinthians 13:5Steve Burrow2 Corinthians 13:5
Spiritual Maturity1 Peter 2:2Steve Burrow1 Peter 2:2
Happiness Through Purity of HeartMatthew 5:8R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:8
Employee / Employer Relations1 Timothy 6:1-3R.G. Murray1 Timothy 6:1-3
True Repentance2 Corinthians 7:5-11R.G. Murray2 Corinthians 7:5-11
Setting The Bar For Church Leadership (B)1 Timothy 5:19-25R.G. Murray1 Timothy 5:19-25
Happiness Through MercyMatthew 5:7R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:7
The Prayer of Elijah1 Kings 16R.G. Murray1 Kings 16
Already / Not YetAlready / Not YetR.G. MurrayAlready / Not Yet
Setting The Bar For Church Leadership (A)1 Tim 5:17-18R.G. Murray1 Tim 5:17-18
Happiness Through HungerMatthew 5:6R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:6
The Two SonsLuke 15 and ChristmasR.G. MurrayLuke 15 and Christmas
Strength Through WeaknessMatthew 5:5R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:5
The Widows Roll1 Timothy 5:3-16R.G. Murray1 Timothy 5:3-16
Happiness through SadnessMatthew 5:4R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:4
Baptism ServiceRomans 6:1-7R.G. MurrayRomans 6:1-7
The Spirit of the KingdomMatthew 5:1-3R.G. MurrayMatthew 5:1-3
The Miracles and Message of the MessiahMatthew 4:23-25R.G. MurrayMatthew 4:23-25
The Call of the KingMatthew 4:18-22R.G. MurrayMatthew 4:18-22
The Light of the KingMatthew 4:12-17R.G. MurrayMatthew 4:12-17
Give Attention to the Scriptures1 Timothy 4:13-14R.G. Murray1 Timothy 4:13-14
The King's Wilderness Temptation Matthew 4:1-11R.G. MurrayMatthew 4:1-11
The Public Introduction of the KingMatthew 3:13-17R.G. MurrayMatthew 3:13-17
Repentance Fit For A King Matthew 3:7-12R.G. MurrayMatthew 3:7-12
Godís Measure of GreatnessMatthew 3:1-6R.G. MurrayMatthew 3:1-6
The Responses to Jesusí ArrivalMatthew 2R.G. MurrayMatthew 2
The Birth of The KingMatt 1:18-25R.G. MurrayMatt 1:18-25
Jesus As KingMatt 1:1-17R.G. MurrayMatt 1:1-17
ServanthoodI Timothy 4:6-10R.G. MurrayI Timothy 4:6-10
Church Leadership, Part IX1 Tim 3:16R.G. Murray1 Tim 3:16
Church Leadership, Part VIII1 Timothy 4:13-14R.G. Murray1 Timothy 4:13-14
Standing Firm in the Lord, Take VIPhilippians 4:9-14R.G. MurrayPhilippians 4:9-14
Church Leadership, Part VIII Timothy 3:8-12R.G. MurrayI Timothy 3:8-12
Standing Firm in the Lord, Take VPhilippians 4:8R.G. MurrayPhilippians 4:8
Standing Firm in the Lord, Take IVPhilippians 4:5-7R.G. MurrayPhilippians 4:5-7
Church Leadership, Part VI1 Timothy 3:7R.G. Murray1 Timothy 3:7
Standing Firm in the Lord, Take IIIPhilippians 4:5-6R.G. MurrayPhilippians 4:5-6
Standing Firm in the Lord, Take IIPhilippians 4:1-4R.G. MurrayPhilippians 4:1-4
Standing Firm In The Lord Part 1Phil 4:1R.G. MurrayPhil 4:1
Church Leadership, Part VI Timothy 3:4-5R.G. MurrayI Timothy 3:4-5
The Pattern Of Paul's WalkPhil 3:17R.G. MurrayPhil 3:17
Forget the Past, Run For The GoalPhilippians 3:12-16R.G. MurrayPhilippians 3:12-16
Church Leadership, Part IV1 Timothy 3:1-3R.G. Murray1 Timothy 3:1-3
Church Leadership, Part IIII Timothy 3:2R.G. MurrayI Timothy 3:2
Conforming to the Image of ChristPhilippians 3:8-11R.G. MurrayPhilippians 3:8-11
Church Leadership, Part III Timothy 3:1-2R.G. MurrayI Timothy 3:1-2
Paul's Total TransformationPhilippians 3:4-9R.G. MurrayPhilippians 3:4-9
Church Leadership, Part I1 Timothy 3:1R.G. Murray1 Timothy 3:1
Don't Trust the Flesh (B)Philippians 3:1-3R.G. MurrayPhilippians 3:1-3
Don't Trust the Flesh (A)Philippians 3:1R.G. MurrayPhilippians 3:1
Rejoice in the Lord Part IPhilippians 3:1-4R.G. MurrayPhilippians 3:1-4
God's Standard For Woman in the Church1 Timothy 2:12-15R.G. Murray1 Timothy 2:12-15
Humility In Action II - TimothyPhilippians 2:19-24R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:19-24
Adornments of a Godly Woman1 Timothy 2:10-11R.G. Murray1 Timothy 2:10-11
Humility In Action I - TimothyPhilippians 2:19-24R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:19-24
The willing Sacrifice of MinistryPhilippians 2:17-18R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:17-18
The Role of Women in the Church1 Timothy 2:8-10R.G. Murray1 Timothy 2:8-10
One Mediator1 Timothy 2:1-7R.G. Murray1 Timothy 2:1-7
Why We Should Not ComplainPhilippians 2:14-16R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:14-16
No Place For ComplaintsPhilippians 2:14-15R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:14-15
Lessons On The Road To HumilityPhilippians 15-8aR.G. MurrayPhilippians 15-8a
What Makes a Church a Church?Philippians 2:12-13bR.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:12-13b
The Believer And Government1 Tim 2:1-4R.G. Murray1 Tim 2:1-4
The Believers Role In SanctificationPhilippians 2:12-13R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:12-13
The Exaltation Of JesusPhilippians 2:9-11R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:9-11
Means of Obtaining UnityPhilippians 2:3-4R.G. MurrayPhilippians 2:3-4
Walking A Worthy WalkPhilippians 1:27-30R.G. MurrayPhilippians 1:27-30
Not Time To Lay Our Burdens Down Just YetPhilippians 1:22-26R.G. MurrayPhilippians 1:22-26
To Live Is Christ, To Die Is GainPhilippians 1:18b-21R.G. MurrayPhilippians 1:18b-21
Fight the Good Fight1 Timothy 1:18-20R.G. Murray1 Timothy 1:18-20
Overcoming Adverse CircumstancesPhilippians 1:12-14R.G. MurrayPhilippians 1:12-14
Dealing With Opposition in the Church1 Timothy 1:18-20R.G. Murray1 Timothy 1:18-20
Spiritual Maturity Through LovePhilippians 1:9-11 Part BR.G. MurrayPhilippians 1:9-11 Part B
The Place of the Law1 Timothy 1:1-7R.G. Murray1 Timothy 1:1-7
Paul's Testimony1 timothy 1:8-17R.G. Murray1 timothy 1:8-17
Cheerfully Confounding Your CriticsPhilippians 1:15-18R.G. MurrayPhilippians 1:15-18